Things to watch out for this week:

The White House blocked release of the memo from the House Intel Committee Democrats responding to inaccuracies in the Nunes memo.  The White House ignored pleas by the FBI and DOJ to not release the Nunes memo, but now the White House is suddenly concerned about how the Dem memo will impact the FBI and DOJ.  Will the memo eventually be authorized, or will the White House continue obstructing justice and assaulting transparency?

The Senate is poised to debate the fate of Dreamers tonight, but nobody knows where the debate will lead.  Democrats, by and large, are of one mind on the issue, but Republicans are split.  The hard right does not want any form of a dream act, but the majority of Republicans seem to acknowledge that legislation is necessary to protect Dreamers from being deported by an increasingly overzealous executive branch.  Will a clean dream act ever be voted on by both houses of Congress?

Allegations surfaced over the weekend that former White House staffer and accused spouse abuser Rob Porter’s interim security clearance expired on January 15th yet he was allowed to continue handling classified material, which is highly troubling and possibly illegal.  White House Chief of Staff John Kelly was already treading on thin ice but this latest disclosure might be enough to end his tenure.  Will John Kelly keep his job, or join Porter on the crowded Team Trump scrap heap?

It’s only Monday.  Try to enjoy the week…

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