The short video in the link below is chilling.  Sinclair media is an ultra-right wing broadcaster that merged with Tribune media last year to form a behemoth that owns close to 200 TV stations, including WRGB in Albany (which is channel 8 on Spectrum cable in Mud Hudson Valley). Their “news” has become, like FOX, a source of pure propaganda for the corrupt Trump administration.

Liberal billionaires mostly spend their money curing disease or easing poverty or trying to save the planet from warming.  Conservative billionaires like the Murdochs and the Smith family, who own and run Sinclair, often spend their money buying media outlets to spread fear, division, falsehood and conspiracy theory to warp the cultural mind and further their plutocrat goals, which usually center on increasing profits and retaining cultural power.

With this in mind, it’s important to note that everything Donald Trump says is the exact opposite of the truth.  He says he’s a genius when in fact he’s an “f-ing moron”, to borrow Rex Tillerson’s description.  He says he’s stable when in fact he’s temperamental and meteoric.  He says Hillary is crooked when in fact he’s crooked.  And he calls the mainstream media “fake news” when in fact the media outlets that he supports, like FOX, are far more fake. Their “news” isn’t fact checked and their “journalists” aren’t beholden to the professional ethics of true news outlets. Their guests are editorialists and their anchors read scripts that come from corporate executives whose agendas have little to do with facts or reality.

It’s not the government that’s a threat to democracy, nor is it the mainstream media.  The greatest threat are propaganda outlets that pretend to be journalism.  They’ve been around for several decades now, and they’re the ones who convinced many of our fellow Americans that war hero John Kerry was less of a man than bumbling Dubya, that Obama was a Kenyan muslim, and that Hillary was an evil, child-molesting murderer.

No wonder our nation is racked with division, paranoia and hatred.  That’s the harvest we’ve sown from two decades or Limbaugh, Beck, InfoWars, FOX and now Breitbart and Sinclair.  Somehow, we have to beat back these wealthy, soulless propagandists.  And the only way to do it seems to be through boycotting.  Their advertisers are the only entities they listen to.  It has worked well to denude Breitbart of its momentum.  Let’s hope someone figures out a way to get it to work for a conglomerate like Sinclair.  Watch for opportunities to boycott any of them, and urge your friends and family not to watch.  Meanwhile, keep resisting…

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