The corruption of the Trump Administration is truly staggering, as each day brings a new disclosure that would, in a normal universe, be a national scandal in itself.

This week started with the sudden reversal by Trump on his trade war with China.  Out of the blue, Trump tweeted that he wanted to work with China to help sanctioned Chinese phone company ZTE escape ruin and save their imperiled jobs.

He wanted to help a Chinese company save their jobs.  Let that sink in.

Imagine if Obama or Clinton wanted to help a Chinese company save their jobs, much less a company that was a national security threat like ZTE.  Conservatives would have screamed bloody murder.  What could have caused his sudden concern to save a company that our own Commerce Department had banned US companies from doing business with for seven years due to their sales of goods to Iran and North Korea?  Turns out Trump has a huge project in Indonesia that China recently gave a giant loan to.  So this bizarre set of events has the appearance of graft.  China gives Trump loan, Trump saves ZTE from ruin.

Then yesterday we learned that Trump had suddenly changed his stance toward Qatar.  He had been backing a blockade of Qatar by the Saudis, who were angry at Qatar.  But it turns out that Qatar is getting close to lending the Kushner Company millions of dollars to help with Kushner’s investment in 666 Fifth Avenue, which the Kushner family WAY overpaid for years ago and have been desperately looking for a way out of.  So, Qatar invests in Kushner’s building, Trump pulls support for Saudi blockade.  Graft.

The Trump White House is less a presidency than an arm of Trump’s real estate business.  Foreign countries flock to his DC hotel to curry favor, and Trump spends all of his time and millions of our tax dollars at his golf clubs.  Trump’s children still fly around the world looking for “deals” that suddenly give foreign investors access to and influence with the US government.  It’s a recipe for disaster, and completely unprecedented in the history of the Presidency.  It’s exactly why we’ve always insisted that the President divest any businesses before taking office, and divulge tax returns before taking office.  But not Trump. He conned his voters into not caring, and bullied Congress into silence so long as they got their radical plutocrat wish-list of legislation passed.

Consider that he is willing to do these things while under the spotlight of the presidency.  Imagine what corners he cut as a private citizen! Hopefully we will get a clearer picture via the Mueller probe.

Meanwhile, Rep John Faso carries on as if nothing is wrong, as if this is a normal presidency rather than a sleazy, disgusting stain on our nation and history.  The GOP will someday regret their complicity and enabling of Trump, and so will Faso.  And as the midterms get closer, it’s our job to make sure Faso gets shown the door sooner than later.   Keep resisting…

One thought on “Day 483 – A Corrupt Presidency

  1. Kudos for writing this article. Real estate corruption is the essence of the foul smelling trump White House.


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