Three things happened yesterday that have a bearing on the race for Congress this November.  All three involve issues that Democrats should run on and win with.

1 – Federal bank regulators agreed to loosen restrictions on what has become known as the Volcker Rule, part of the Dodd-Frank post-crash banking reforms, restricting big banks’ ability to do risky trading with depositors’ money.  This loosening will make it easier for banks to cheat the rules and take greater risks at the margins, which the history of Wall Street proves will happen.  The GOP works for the billionaires and CEOs while simultaneously screwing the rest of us, and this gift to Wall Street is the latest example.  It will bring us one step closer to another economic meltdown that will destroy lives, and the voters need to know that John Faso supports these Wall Street giveaways.

2 – The Commerce Department revised 1st Quarter GDP down from 2.3 to 2.2%, nothing near the 4%-that-became-3% promise made by Trump on the campaign trail.  So why isn’t the economy heating up under Trump?  Because the Tax Scam gave a lot of money to corporations and the wealthy, who invest it rather than spending it.  And meanwhile, the deficit explodes which hurts business sentiment and makes risk takers more averse.  So the entire “trickle down” rationale for the Tax Scam–that it would increase GDP and lead to massive job gains and prosperity–has been exposed as bogus.  The voters need to know that John Faso supports this debunked “trickle-down” delusion, which puts him on the side of the wealthy and against the workers.

3 – Trump keeps blaming the Democrats for the separation of children from their parents at the border.  He tells his supporters that Democrats passed some sort of law that mandates the separations, but it’s a flat-out lie.  Under Obama, people who arrived at the border seeking asylum were FIRST judged on the merits of the asylum application.  If their asylum claim had merit, they went through an asylum process.  If their claim had no merit, they were SECOND charged with illegal entry and their kids were taken away until the case was resolved.  Trump changed this policy.  Under Trump, asylum seekers are FIRST charged with illegal entry and have their kids taken away.  SECOND, their asylum claim is reviewed.  So obviously, under Trump, many more children are separated from the parents, usually for a far longer period of time.  It’s a disgraceful shift, and Trump has nobody to blame but the mean orange clown that stares back at him in the mirror.  Turns out, taking children away from their parents is not a popular policy, and some in the GOP are openly taking Trump to task for it.  Not John Faso, of course.  He is committed to the race-baiting asylum policies of Trumpery as his latest MS-13 gang ad makes clear.  So it’s likely that many independent voters in our area do not look kindly on Trump’s asylum policy, and this is yet another area that Democratic candidates should flog Faso with. Cruelty is never a winning position.

As we approach the primary, it makes sense to have a clear understanding of where the Democratic candidates stand on these issues, as well as many others.  Our winner will do well to run against Trump, but he/she must also run for something, and these three issues are a good place to start.  Let’s keep working to Fire Faso…





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