Hard to believe that Trump has been president for six hundred days.  It feels like six years.  But not only have activists become exhausted by a lying, incompetent, vicious buffoon in the White House–it looks increasingly like independent voters are also tired of his chaos and dishonesty.  A second poll in as many days showed Trump’s approval among independent voters was way down.  This poll was from CNN, and it showed Trump’s unfavorable rating had gone up TEN points among independents, from 55% to 65% unfavorable.  That’s a big shift…


These numbers didn’t reflect the most recent Trump disasters, including the revelation yesterday that the Trump administration moved $10-million from FEMA to ICE as the hurricane season was starting, a move that looks even more irresponsible with a Cat 4 hurricane bearing down on the Carolina Coast.  Or including the fact that Trump began yesterday morning NOT by tweeting about 9/11, but by tweeting for the umpteenth time a “no collusion” screed against the FBI & DOJ.  Or including the fact that the Trump White House commemorated Trump’s trip to Shanksville, PA, using a 9/11 picture from a year ago while trying to pass it off as current.  Or including his tweets last night that confirm Trump gets more “information” from Fox news than he gets from his own advisers.

Tomorrow is State Primary Day so please make time to go to the polls and vote.  Get in the habit voting.  Set a mental intention to vote in every single election.  Be determined to vote all of the Republicans out.  Primaries are important but local elections matter as much as national elections because local elections are often just as personally consequential, whether it’s local tax rates, zoning, water quality or the school board.

The only way we will begin beating back the Trump regime is to vote.  First we must Fire Feckless Faso and elect Antonio Delgado. Then we will be able to take a breather and get ready for the ultimate course correction–a new President.

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