Rumors continue to percolate on social media that the Mueller probe is about to ramp up and issue more indictments, especially around the Wikileaks portion of the investigation.  Pay close attention to the news, and to Trump’s anxiety levels, to see if any bombshells drop.

An article in the Guardian by David Taylor gives a fantastic overview of the investigation and a critique of where things stand now:

The Mueller investigation has been moving at a fast pace compared with other similar probes, even though the core of the investigation is still shrouded in mystery.

Other than the usual Trump twitter tantrums and verbal diarrhea, it’s been a slow news weekend.  With the congressional term ending in a few weeks, it remains to be seen if the lame duck session will be able to generate any meaningful legislation.  Meanwhile the incoming Democratic leaders are talking openly about the investigations they are interested in conducting in 2019, including an interrogation of AG Whitaker, whose appointment has been deemed illegal by various non-partisan legal experts.

The weeks between now and the holidays could be quite eventful, so don’t be surprised if a lot of shit hits the fan.

Keep resisting…

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