How dumb are these guys?

In an interview on CNN with Jake Tapper yesterday morning, Mick Mulvaney did his best to lie and deceive on almost every subject.  But his responses to questions about the ACA and Trump’s healthcare plan were particularly absurd.  He implied that the Trump/GOP “plan” will be the same crap they put in the AHCA in 2017/18–high risk pools, garbage plans, high deductibles–all run by greedy insurance companies.  He swore that they will never get rid of protections for pre-existing conditions but their plans would allow insurers to charge so much more for coverage to people with pre-existing conditions as to make them unaffordable.  The general public already knows that this strategy and these plans are bogus and far inferior to the ACA.  But Trump’s DOJ will try to convince the courts that the ACA cannot be enforced, and if he succeeds he will then be pushing AHCA-style crap that the House of Representatives will laugh at.  It will turn into a giant mess that the media will rightly pin on Trump, who put the whole thing in motion.

Mulvaney also talked about Trump’s strong desire to close our border with Mexico, which Trump mentioned in his recent Michican vanity rally, calling refugees an “invasion” and blaming the invasion on “obstructionist Democrats”.  And Trump might just go ahead and close it.  But it would be a disaster.  Billions of dollars in goods cross that border every month and economists have estimated that the economic losses would be massive.  Mexico is our third largest trading partner and the majority of that trade crosses the border by truck. So Trump would be throwing red meat to his base at the direct expense of our economy.  The resulting mess will be rightly pinned on Trump, who put the whole thing in motion.

These two policies would cause suffering, waste and hardship.  And Trump doesn’t care.  And Trump’s base doesn’t care. But there are thousands of people who voted for Trump who aren’t die-hard cultists, and there are thousands of Americans who didn’t vote in the last election, neither of whom will like the effects of these policies.  So Trump seems to be doing everything he can to alienate the people he needs to get re-elected.  The destruction caused by these policies would be horrible and lamentable, but we would also be getting another compelling weapon in our fight against Trump.  Is he really that stupid?  We will soon see.

Keep resisting…

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