The courts are still trying to decide when the actual deadline for households to complete the 2020 Census will be. A Judge recently said it should be October 31st, but the Census Bureau is insisting that the deadline is October 5th, four days from today. So IF you haven’t submitted your 2020 Census information please take a break from the political circus and do so asap. Our government uses the Census to allocate federal dollars and to add or subtract representation in Congress. As things look now, due to a net loss of residents, New York State is predicted to lose at least one and possibly two House seats when 2022 arrives, which would be a real setback for the people of our state. And the Census responses from our area have lagged behind the national average, so we need to push our friends and neighbors to do a better job and respond now. You can easily submit your Census information here:

The fallout from the recent presidential debate continued yesterday, with Democratic Congressional leaders expressing grave concern about Trump’s clear message to right-wing hate groups (domestic terrorists) to “stand by” and watch for fraud at polling places on election day. These groups have grown during Trump’s reign, and most of them seem to be yearning for a civil war where they can override our democracy and enforce their own vision of a white, merciless, lord-of-the-flies America where oversized men with guns finally get the best of the nerds and the educated. Trump’s own FBI director cites right-wing hate groups as the number-one threat to our safety and security. More than anything, Trump wants us to fear these groups so much that we decide not to vote, because that’s the only way he has a chance of winning–by suppressing the Democratic vote. So Americans should not be intimidated nor deterred. As Joe Biden said the other night, WE have the power to choose the next president, not Trump. But we have to show up to the polls and vote.

Trump held a rally last night in Minnesota and spewed a steady stream vitriol and lies. His attacks on his opponents, and on Democrats in general, are getting uglier, more dishonest, and more desperate. His tone is bitter and angry, his attitude is threatening, and it’s easy to detect beneath the surface a suggestion of violence to his supporters. He needs to be voted out decisively at the polls.

If you’re looking to help get out the vote in a swing state, the Dutchess County Progressive Action Alliance is holding sessions three times a week to set up area residents to call voters in swing state North Carolina to push them to vote. You can find sign-up info on this Facebook page:

Covid continues to rage across America, with at least 25 states showing rising case counts. Several areas in New York State, including Brooklyn, Spring Valley in Rockland County, and Orange County’s Kiryas Joel, have seen troubling spikes in their infection rates recently, so please be mindful if you plan on visiting any of these areas.

Keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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