The Trump Covid circus continued over the weekend as Trump’s condition went up and down and up. Dire warnings from his chief of staff were followed by videos of Trump in Walter Reed Hospital doing “work” (pretending to sign blank sheets of paper) and later taking a joy-ride while exposing his secret service and driver to the potentially deadly virus. As usual, it was a 24/7 non-stop festival of lies. And of course, the White House did NOTHING to contact-trace and warn anyone who might have come into contact with Trump of their exposure, because it’s always all about Trump. The White House hasn’t even disclosed when his last negative Covid test was, which would be a vitally important piece of information for those he might have infected.

Three Republican Senators have also been infected with Covid since attending Trump events last week, and two of them sit on the Judiciary Committee. If all three quarantine, as they absolutely should, this could have major implications for the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett before the election. Will Republicans have the numbers on the Committee to move her nomination to the full Senate. And will the full Senate have enough Republicans to affirm her?

One thing is crystal clear. Senator Schumer and the Democrats should do absolutely everything in their power to keep Barrett’s nomination from happening before the election. But it’s not clear that Schumer is willing to do this. He needs all Senate Democrats to be in Washington today to stop McConnell’s plan to close the Senate for two weeks except for the Barrett confirmation hearings. We need to pressure Schumer to do everything possible to stop McConnell, and if that means Senators being in Washington during a Covid outbreak (caused by the irresponsible and reckless disregard for protections by Trump and the GOP) then so be it. If Democrats mask up and take proper precautions, and require the GOP to adhere, conditions should be safe enough to vote and work against whatever malignant plan McConnell comes up with.

It’s not clear what Schumer and the Democrats plan on doing, but please call his office today and let him know that you expect him to do absolutely everything possible to thwart McConnell and delay Barrett’s nomination until at least after the election.

  • DC office: (202) 224-6542
  • Albany office: (518) 431-4070

We should also urge Joe Biden and all other Democratic candidates running for office this November to continue to campaign full-steam-ahead. Trump’s hospital trip and subsequent antics can’t be allowed to slow our roll. We need to keep doing everything we can to run Trump and his corrupt regime of neo-fascists out of office.

ALSO, if you haven’t filled out your 2020 Census, today may be your last chance. The Trump regime tried to close submissions as of September 30th but a judge ordered them to keep the Census open until October 31 as is customary, but the political people at the Census then said it would end on October 5th. It’s not clear if the judge will prevail, so if you’ve been putting it off please take a moment (it only takes a couple minutes) and do it. Link here:

It’s impossible to know what the next chapter in the Trump circus will contain. Last week, we careened from Trump’s taxes to his debate abomination to his Covid diagnosis. His doctor insists he’s doing well, but the drugs he’s been given suggest that he’s far from okay. Will he be released today to return to the White House? If so, it will be at Trump’s insistence. But if he’s not released today as he’s been predicting, it will be a bad sign for his health.

Again, please call Senator Schumer and tell him what you expect.

Keep resisting Trump and keep working to “vote his ass out of office.”

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